Theodosius v3.0
Jit linker, symbol mapper, and obfuscator
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pass.hpp File Reference
#include <spdlog/spdlog.h>
#include <decomp/symbol.hpp>
#include <obf/transform/gen.hpp>
#include <xed-decode.h>
#include <xed-interface.h>

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Data Structures

class  theo::obf::pass_t
 the pass_t class is a base clase for all passes made. you must override the pass_t::run virtual function and declare the logic of your pass there. More...


namespace  theo
 The outer most encompassing namespace of this project.
namespace  theo::obf
 this is the main namespace for obfuscation related things.



Macro Definition Documentation



Definition at line 36 of file pass.hpp.