VMAssembler  v1.2
VMProtect 2 Virtual Instruction Assembler
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vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER Struct Reference

#include <test.hpp>

Public Attributes

unsigned short e_magic
unsigned short e_cblp
unsigned short e_cp
unsigned short e_crlc
unsigned short e_cparhdr
unsigned short e_minalloc
unsigned short e_maxalloc
unsigned short e_ss
unsigned short e_sp
unsigned short e_csum
unsigned short e_ip
unsigned short e_cs
unsigned short e_lfarlc
unsigned short e_ovno
unsigned short e_res [4]
unsigned short e_oemid
unsigned short e_oeminfo
unsigned short e_res2 [10]
long e_lfanew

Member Data Documentation

◆ e_cblp

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_cblp

◆ e_cp

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_cp

◆ e_cparhdr

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_cparhdr

◆ e_crlc

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_crlc

◆ e_cs

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_cs

◆ e_csum

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_csum

◆ e_ip

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_ip

◆ e_lfanew

long vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_lfanew

◆ e_lfarlc

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_lfarlc

◆ e_magic

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_magic

◆ e_maxalloc

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_maxalloc

◆ e_minalloc

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_minalloc

◆ e_oemid

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_oemid

◆ e_oeminfo

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_oeminfo

◆ e_ovno

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_ovno

◆ e_res

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_res[4]

◆ e_res2

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_res2[10]

◆ e_sp

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_sp

◆ e_ss

unsigned short vm::_IMAGE_DOS_HEADER::e_ss

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