VMProfiler  v1.8
vmprofiler is a c++ library which is used to statically analyze VMProtect 2 polymorphic virtual machines. This project is inherited in vmprofiler-qt, vmprofiler-cli, and vmemu.
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calc_jmp.cpp File Reference
#include <vmprofiler.hpp>




bool vm::calc_jmp::get (zydis_routine_t &vm_entry, zydis_routine_t &calc_jmp)
 extracts calc_jmp out of vm_entry... you can learn about calc_jmp here. More...
std::optional< vmp2::exec_type_tvm::calc_jmp::get_advancement (const zydis_routine_t &calc_jmp)
 gets the advancement of the virtual instruction pointer... iterates over calc_jmp for LEA, MOV, INC, DEC, SUB, ADD, ETC instructions and then decides which way VIP advances based upon this information... More...