VMProfiler  v1.8
vmprofiler is a c++ library which is used to statically analyze VMProtect 2 polymorphic virtual machines. This project is inherited in vmprofiler-qt, vmprofiler-cli, and vmemu.
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vm::instrs::virt_instr_t Struct Reference

#include <vmp2.hpp>

Public Attributes

vm::handler::mnemonic_t mnemonic_t
std::uint8_t opcode
vmp2::v2::entry_t trace_data
struct {
   bool   has_imm
   struct {
      std::uint8_t   imm_size
      union {
         std::int64_t   s
         std::uint64_t   u
   }   imm

Member Data Documentation

◆ has_imm

bool vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::has_imm


struct { ... } vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::imm

◆ imm_size

std::uint8_t vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::imm_size

◆ mnemonic_t

vm::handler::mnemonic_t vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::mnemonic_t

◆ opcode

std::uint8_t vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::opcode


struct { ... } vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::operand

◆ s

std::int64_t vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::s

◆ trace_data

vmp2::v2::entry_t vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::trace_data

◆ u

std::uint64_t vm::instrs::virt_instr_t::u

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