VMProfiler  v1.8
vmprofiler is a c++ library which is used to statically analyze VMProtect 2 polymorphic virtual machines. This project is inherited in vmprofiler-qt, vmprofiler-cli, and vmemu.
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vminstrs.hpp File Reference
#include <transform.hpp>
#include <vmctx.hpp>
#include <vmhandlers.hpp>
#include <vmp2.hpp>

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 contains all functions related to virtual instructions...


bool vm::instrs::get_rva_decrypt (const zydis_routine_t &vm_entry, std::vector< zydis_decoded_instr_t > &transform_instrs)
 gets the native instructions that are used to decrypt the relative virtual address to virtual instructions located on the stack at RSP+0xA0... you can learn about this https://back.engineering/17/05/2021/#vm_entry More...
std::pair< std::uint64_t, std::uint64_t > vm::instrs::decrypt_operand (transform::map_t &transforms, std::uint64_t operand, std::uint64_t rolling_key)
 decrypt virtual instruction operand given the decryption transformations... you can read about these transformations https://back.engineering/17/05/2021/#operand-decryption More...
std::pair< std::uint64_t, std::uint64_t > vm::instrs::encrypt_operand (transform::map_t &transforms, std::uint64_t operand, std::uint64_t rolling_key)
 encrypt a virtual instructions operand given the transformations to decrypt the operand... the transformations are inversed by this functions so you dont need to worry about doing that. More...
std::optional< virt_instr_t > vm::instrs::get (vm::ctx_t &ctx, vmp2::v2::entry_t &entry)
 get virt_instr_t filled in with data given a vmp2 trace entry and vm context... More...
std::optional< std::uint64_t > vm::instrs::get_imm (vm::ctx_t &ctx, std::uint8_t imm_size, std::uintptr_t vip)
 gets the encrypted second operand (imm) given vip and vm::ctx_t... More...
std::optional< jcc_data > vm::instrs::get_jcc_data (vm::ctx_t &ctx, code_block_t &code_block)
 get jcc data out of a code block... this function will loop over the code block and look for the last LCONSTDW in the virtual instructions. More...
std::uintptr_t vm::instrs::code_block_addr (const vm::ctx_t &ctx, const vmp2::v2::entry_t &entry)
 the top of the stack will contain the lower 32bits of the RVA to the virtual instructions that will be jumping too... the RVA is image based (not module based, but optional header image based)... this means the value ontop of the stack could be "40007fd8" with image base being 0x140000000... as you can see the 0x100000000 is missing... the below statement deals with this... More...
std::uintptr_t vm::instrs::code_block_addr (const vm::ctx_t &ctx, const std::uint32_t lower_32bits)
 same routine as above except lower_32bits is passed directly and not extracted from the stack... More...